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Evac Skate CD-8

Safe, reliable and fast emergency evacuation!

Evac Skate CD-8

The Evac Skate is an evacuation device used to move people with a disability or injury down stairways quickly and safely during an emergency. It’s patented speed governor and braking system allows a small attendant to easily evacuate a larger passenger.

In an emergency such as a fire or an earthquake, elevators should not be used. People with limited mobility may be trapped. Evac Skate provides a lifeline to safety.



  • Quick and easy set up for immediate use.
  • Carries up to 180 kg
  • Passengers weight moves unit down stairs, while the governor controls speed
  • Reinforced failsafe brake brings unit to a complete stop automatically
  • Adjustable safety straps
  • Stable and self-supporting
  • Unique seat design allows easy transfer from wheelchair
  • Durable tracks grip stairs securely
  • The track grip the stairs, regardless of the stair contruction material
  • Additional front handles enable a second person to help going downstairs or upstairs


  • Provides quick an safe emergency evacuation
  • No hand carrying of mobility impaired persons
  • Small attendants can easily move heavier passengers
  • Easily stores in a secure area when not in use
  • Requires minimal maintenance
Evac Skate CD-7 - Anwendung

Evac Skate CD-8 in action

Data Sheet

SpecificationEvac Skate CD-8
capacity kg180
measurements L/W/H mm1303 x 425 x 820
measurements collapsed L/W/H mm1106 x 425 x 270
weight kg24
speed0,8 m/sec.
stair angle max.40°

Minimum stair landing dimensions

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