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Stair Climber Major TRE-52

Unique in the world!

Stair Climber Major TRE-52

The Stair Climber Major TRE-52 carries all types of wheelchairs! It is the world’s only portable inclined plattform lift. It provides instant, affordable accessibility where stairways are a barrier. The unique platform design will accomodate all types of wheelchairs including power, child sports and conventional adult wheelchairs. Stair Climber Major TRE-52 is ideal for public and residential buildings. It’s simple to operate, robust and incorporates many safety features.

TRE-52 - Unique in the world


  • Powerful dual motors carry up to 440 lbs (200 kgs)
  • Operates on indoor and outdoor stairways
  • Incl. rechargeable battery and charger
  • Wide double tracks securely grip stairs
  • Robust commercial design
  • A powerful hydraulic piston adjusts the wheelchair platform position for travel on the stairs


  • Economical compared to elevators and custom designed wheelchair lifts
  • Requires no building renovations, no installation per its or licenses
  • No permanent impact on stairway egress width
  • A single unit provides access into many buildings
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Great backup system for evacuation if power fails
Stair Climber Major TRE-52 - In Action

Stair Climber Major TRE-52 – In Action

Data Sheet

SpecificationStair Climber Major TRE-52
capacity kg200
measurements L/W/H mm1258 x 757 x 1290
weight kg115
power V / W2x 190 W / 30 min.
speed upstairs6,4 m / min.
speed downstairs9,5 m / min.
stair angle max.35°
platform angle40°
loading ramp angle
crawler (2 pcs)51 mm width
wheels front wheels surveilling (1) ø mm125
back wheels (2) starr ø mm150
battery incl.2 x 12 V / 24 A
battery capacity at least30 loaded
charging time (hrs)8
battery load controlinkl.
incl. autom. charger24 V / 4 AH

Minimal landing space

No problems on small space landings. Minimal working area Stair Climber Major TRE-52

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