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Stair Climber Stairmax

Stair Climber Stairmax

Overcome stairs without assistance!

The Stair Climber STAIRMAX is an unique and cost saving mobile lifting aid for active wheelchair drivers, which enables them to ride up straight stairs with landing in their own wheelchair without outside help. All  functions can be carried out by means of pulling in and pulling out the track-laying device underneath the adapted wheelchair. Turning round on the landing is achieved by means of the drive wheels.No optical and architectural changes in the staircase have to be made – thus eliminating the need for building permits.

Every active wheelchair driver will find a safe and reliable partner in this battery-run lifting device. The Stair Climber Stairmax combines mobility and flexibility to offer the user a new quality of independent living.

Data Sheet

SpecificationStair Climber Stairmax
capacity kg110
measurements L/W/H mm1473 x 635
weight kg54
battery2 x 6 V / 20 Ah
speed upstairs6,5 m / min.
speed downstairs7,7 m / min.
stair angle max.35°
Stair climber Stairmax - Overcome stairs without assistance

Stair Climber Stairmax – Overcome stairs without assistance

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